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CS3550 Final Exam

1. Identify True or False for the following statements: (10*1 = 10) (a) A TCP header has source and destination port address. ___ (b) OSI model has 5 layers. ___ (c) In a TCP/IP model, an application can communicate with the underneath transport layer through a port number. ____ (d) PDU header has the control information. ____ (e) UDP is an example of TCP protocol. _____ (f) HTTP is an example of TCP protocol. _____ (g) UDP provides a reliable connection for transferring data between applications. ___ (h) A TCP header is minimum 160 bits. _____ (i) TCP header does not contain sequence and acknowledge number. ____ (j) A UDP header has source and destination IP address. ____
2. For TCP protocol, show the sequence of packet exchange for the following: (a) 3-way handshake, and (b) Connection closing or teardown. (3+3=6) Ans:

3. Briefly discuss three characteristics of TCP that ensure reliable communication. (2*3= 6) Ans:

4. Consider the following TCP header: Explain the meaning of the followin…