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GItHub Account and Projects

GitHub Account
I am pleased to announce my GitHub account and some projects i have uploaded. Mostly school assignments. I believe GitHub is better at managing raw source code than a blog is, for this reason, i will be uploading most of my code there. Here is the link, enjoy.

CS4500 Test 4 Study Guide

CS4500 Test 4 Study GuideNote: This is a study guide, answers may be incorrect, double check and best of luck. A ________ network is totally isolated from the global Internet. Private On a network that uses NAT, the router can use ______ global address(es). A pool of In the sending computer, UDP sends a data unit from the _____ layer. Application TCP uses ____ for error detection. Checksum, Acknowledge and time-out _____ is an IP layer security protocol that only provides integrity and authentication. AH The ______ timer keeps track of the time between the sending of a segment and the receipt of an acknowledgement. Retransmission The definition of reliable delivery includes ______. Error-Free Delivery Which of the following is not part of the UDP user datagram header? Length of Header The _____ defines the server program. Well-Known Port Number If the incoming queue of a UDP client overflows, _____ The user datagrams are discarded and a port unreachable message is sent TCP lies between the _____…

CS4500 Test 3 Study Guide

KSU CS4500
Test 3 Study Guide/Test Sample Note: Some questions have answers, some don't not all answers are correct, this is a study guide. True/False and fill in blank questions.
RIP is based on DISTANCE VECTOR ROUTING. Router B receives an update from ROUTER A that indicates NET1 is two hops away. The next update from A says NET1 is five hops away. What value is entered in B’s routing table for NET1? Assume the basic RIP is being used. 6 If a host needs a synchronize its clocks with another host, it sends a timestamp request message. The purpose of echo requests and echo reply is to check node-to-node communications. Errors in the header or option fields of an IP datagram requires a parameter-problem error message. In calculating the time difference between two clocks, a negative value indicates the destination clock lags behind the source clock. If routing table contains four new entries, how many update messages must the router send to its one neighbor router? ONE A periodic update mes…