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Set up start and stop time: Youtube video

How to set up start and stop time for a YouTube Video
Problem: You would like to start and stop at a specific time within a youtube video Solution: We will modify the url to youtube to start and stop youtube video.
Step 1: Grab video url 
-Here is my example:
Step 2: Modify video url to start and stop time
-From url above we will remove the following: [watch?] & replace [=]   with [/]
-Here is the end result:
Step 3: Add your start and end time, but wait it has to be in seconds;
-I want to start the video at 1:07 and end at 4:19 -Lets convert this to seconds:  -Next step maybe elementary math: Warning! -Start time: 1:07 min --> (1 min)*(60 sec) + 7 sec = 67 seconds -End time: 4:19 min --> (4 min)*(60 sec) + 19 sec = 259 second
Step 4: Modify url
-Take the url from step 2-->
at the end you will append [?start=67&end=259]
-The result will be https://www.yout…