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How do I find out what mobile OS I have?

How do I find out what mobile OS I have?

Google Android: 
1.Go to settings screen
2.Scroll to the bottom and look for "About phone" or "About Device" tab
3.Look for "Android Version"
4.If you touch the Android version repeatedly you will see the Android version logo

Apple iOS:
1. Select Settings 
2. Look for General tab
3. Select About
4 .Look for Version

Android Tips & Tricks

Android Tip & TricksDid you lose your phone and its on silent? This happens to most people and often! Google has come up with a solution.To find your phone you need Chrome browserIn the search bar type "find my phone"Image of the results below:You can see the location of the android deviceMake it ring, even if its on silent
Cant find your car or where you parked? Google has a solution for you!To find your parking locationPress and hold the home button/iconResults:

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