How to clear & format SD card

Open CMD, go to Win Start button, type CMDStart DiskPart,  type diskpart in CMDDisplay all disks, type list diskSelect the disk to clean, type select disk [# disk you would like to clean]Clean selected disk, type cleanMake sure disk is selected, type list disk again. You should see * next to the disk you selectedCreate a partition, type create partition primary, then type select partition 1Activate partition, type activeFormat disk, type format FS=NTFS label=mydrive quick

Libelium Product Catalog 2017

Libelium Product Catalog 2017
Libelium product catalog 2017, please use as you please. I do not own this catalog, its copy rights are reserved by Libelium. I do not sell nor distribute their products, just sharing a link. 

Libelium Product Catalog 2017

CS4500/7070 Advanced Networking Protocols, Test1 – Study Guide

CS4500/CS7070 Advanced Networking Protocols, Test1 – Study Guide [June 2015] 1.Which ATM Layer specifies how user data should be packaged into cells? a) physical b) ATM c) Application adaptation d) Data adaptation 2.Which ATM layer has a cell as an end product? a) physical b) ATM c) Application adaptation d) Cell transformation 3.Which application adaptation layer type can process a data stream having a non- a) AAL1 b) AAL2 c) AAL3/4 d) AAL5 4.A ______ ATM LAN could have Ethernet ---- an ATM Switch. a) pure b) legacy c) mixed architecture d) b and c
5. PPP is a __C____ layer protocol.
a) physical b) data link c) physical and data link. d) seven 6.Per OSI, Repeaters operate at layer 1 only? True 7.Per OSI, Bridges operate at layer 2 only? False 8.Per OSI, Routers operate at Layer 3 only? False 9.Routers use the destination computer when forwarding a packet. False 10.When data is transmitted from device A to device B, the header from A’s layer 5 is ready by Layer B’s ______ layer. Session 11.3 fa…

Smart Headless RPi - Sends you a direct message in Twitter

Smart headless RPi
Tweeting RPi
Problem: Ever find your self wondering what the IP address is for your raspberry pi is once its headless and you need to remote into it, or even which network its connected to?
I wanted to know which access point my RPi is connected to and its IP address, and so i wrote a little clever program that lets me know just that.  This python program looks up its SSID and IP address then sends you message on twitter. You can use crontab to run this program on start up.

on github:

sys,socket, fcntl, struct, socket, array,os
from time import sleep
from twython import Twython

Device_Name="Your Device Name"

#get IP address
def get_ip(ifname):
        s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
        return socket.inet_ntoa(fcntl.ioctl(
                struct.pack('256s', ifname[:15])


IP_address = ge…

How do I find out what mobile OS I have?

How do I find out what mobile OS I have?

Google Android: 
1.Go to settings screen
2.Scroll to the bottom and look for "About phone" or "About Device" tab
3.Look for "Android Version"
4.If you touch the Android version repeatedly you will see the Android version logo

Apple iOS:
1. Select Settings 
2. Look for General tab
3. Select About
4 .Look for Version

Android Tips & Tricks

Android Tip & TricksDid you lose your phone and its on silent? This happens to most people and often! Google has come up with a solution.To find your phone you need Chrome browserIn the search bar type "find my phone"Image of the results below:You can see the location of the android deviceMake it ring, even if its on silent
Cant find your car or where you parked? Google has a solution for you!To find your parking locationPress and hold the home button/iconResults:

More to come

Set up start and stop time: Youtube video

How to set up start and stop time for a YouTube Video
Problem: You would like to start and stop at a specific time within a youtube video Solution: We will modify the url to youtube to start and stop youtube video.
Step 1: Grab video url 
-Here is my example:
Step 2: Modify video url to start and stop time
-From url above we will remove the following: [watch?] & replace [=]   with [/]
-Here is the end result:
Step 3: Add your start and end time, but wait it has to be in seconds;
-I want to start the video at 1:07 and end at 4:19 -Lets convert this to seconds:  -Next step maybe elementary math: Warning! -Start time: 1:07 min --> (1 min)*(60 sec) + 7 sec = 67 seconds -End time: 4:19 min --> (4 min)*(60 sec) + 19 sec = 259 second
Step 4: Modify url
-Take the url from step 2-->
at the end you will append [?start=67&end=259]
-The result will be https://www.yout…